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Are you ready for your Oxbridge interview: December 2020?

Are you ready for your Oxbridge interview: December 2020?

We are here to help with practice interviews.

Why is practice necessary?

The interview is a vital part of the application process. Whilst there is no way of knowing what may come up in an interview, practising the skills required to analyse and “think out loud” are extremely beneficial. Oxbridge tutors are not wanting to see what candidates know or have learnt; they want to see how candidates apply what they know to new situations and how they vocalise their thought process. This is an often underestimated skill.

Benefits of a practice interview:

- Meeting someone the candidate does not know (as opposed to a teacher from their school) is a more realistic set-up

- Learning to “think out loud” and to be challenged on the spot

- Experiencing a style of interviewing different to what they may have experienced at school

- Individualised feedback on how to improve from a highly experienced Oxbridge expert

How does the practice interview work?

- The interviewer absorbs the UCAS Personal Statement and sends through stimulus material in advance. The candidate prepares this prior to the interview.

- 30-minute interview online with the candidate, immediately followed by oral feedback.

- After the interview, an individualised hardcopy sheet outlining observations, strengths, and weaknesses. Tips and suggestions are then made for the interviewee to work on in preparation for the interview.

Who will conduct my practice interview?

Interviews will be with Lindsay McDonald who was whole-school Oxbridge Coordinator at Tonbridge School for over 10 years. Lindsay has conducted practice interviews in all subjects. Feedback from his former pupils has included comments such as:

"The interview practice I had with Mr McDonald was the closest in format to what I actually got at interview"

Longer sessions on interview preparation and the whole Oxbridge process are also available from Minerva Tuition.

For more information please contact Valerie Weston on:


Phone: +852 6156 5705.

We would be delighted to hear from you.

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