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Are you studying Maths for A-Level or for the IBDP? Do you know about the Fibonacci Sequence?

The Fibonacci sequence is a surprisingly simple sequence, considering how often it can be seen in nature.

Calculating the sequence is straight-forward. Start with 0 and 1. Each subsequent term is calculated by adding the two previous terms. This sequence can then be constructed into a Fibonacci spiral.

The spiral can be seen everywhere in nature: Nautilus shells, sunflower flowers, and pine cones all have patterns which follow a Fibonacci spiral. GCSE and A-Level mathematics students will learn about sequences, such as the Fibonacci sequence, in great detail.

The Fibonacci sequence is even said to govern the dimensions of Egypt’s Great Pyramids of

Giza. They were built long before Leonardo Fibonacci, known as Leonardo of Pisa allegedly discovered the formula.

Keith Devlin, who had written a biography of Fibonacci, believes that the formula, which has also been found in Ancient Sanskrit texts had been around for centuries preceding Fibonacci.

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