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GCSE Biology - Top Tips for students revising Photosynthesis

Photosynthesis can feel like a big topic but breaking it down into sections to revise makes it much more manageable. Photosynthesis questions come up every year so spending some time here will really pay off. 1. Learn the equation... inside out and with your eyes shut! It holds the clues to every other question part. 2. Leaf structure. Draw a big clear labelled diagram. For each part make one bullet point to say how it is adapted to help photosynthesis. 3. Limiting factors โ€“ can you define the term and name the 3 key limiting factors? 4. Practical work โ€“ photosynthesis needs EVIDENCE. For each core practical draw (or print a diagram of) the equipment and summarise in brief steps how the practical is carried out. Final tip: Build your photosynthesis knowledge in layers; complete one step at a time.

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