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GCSE Chemistry revision | Top tips for revising Covalent substances and Ionic bonding

1. Get your basics in place so you know which is which! Covalent is about SHARING electrons and Ionic is about losing/gaining electrons.

2. Which is held together by strong electrostatic forces between ions? What type of bond does the other have?

3. Draw, draw, draw and draw some more!!! You MUST be able to draw ‘dot and cross’ diagrams to describe both. Pick 3 examples of each and practise drawing until you can do it without checking your book!

4. Learn the properties of Sodium chloride and Magnesium oxide. Make sure you can also state their ionic formula.

5. Learn the properties of diamond and graphite. What makes them similar and what differences are there?

6. To summarise your revision on this topic, draw a comparison table stating the differences between the two.

Minerva Tuition offers quality tuition in all 3 Sciences (Chemistry, Physics & Biology) IGCSE, A Level / IBDP from teachers who are fully-qualified and highly experienced.

For details of how we can help your child, please contact Valerie Weston on:


Phone: +852 6156 5705.

We would be delighted to hear from you.

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