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Introducing Lindsay McDonald

Updated: Sep 19, 2020

We are delighted to Introduce Lindsay McDonald, MA (Oxon) who has recently joined us from Tonbridge School, UK We are delighted that Lindsay McDonald has joined us from Tonbridge School, where he has been for the last thirteen years until July 2020. During that time, Lindsay has been whole-school Oxbridge Coordinator for the last eleven years and he has seen the successful application of over 370 Oxbridge candidates, including Tonbridge School’s record 41 offers in 2015. Lindsay has prepared a great number of UK Y12 and Y13 pupils in all subjects, advising on the UCAS process, offering guidance for the UCAS personal statement and coordinating and conducting hundreds of practice interviews. He was also in charge of all university admissions tests and overseeing preparation of all pupils for this crucial part of the admissions process. As part of this role, he was in charge of Law applications and he has vast experience in preparing pupils for the LNAT and Oxbridge interviews for law and law extension classes. Lindsay was Head of Modern Languages for ten years and worked in Tonbridge School’s admissions department for eleven years, conducting interviews for UK Y6 applicants to the school. Outside the classroom, Lindsay has directed/choreographed over 20 school plays and musicals in his 25-year career and he holds an Oxford Half Blue in Ballroom Dancing. He is a fervent cryptic crossword fan and has compiled his own cryptic crosswords to raise money for various charities. Lindsay will be responsible for advising students on university applications (UCAS) including Oxbridge. For more information please contact Valerie Weston on: Email: Phone: +852 6156 5705. We would be delighted to hear from you.

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