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Latin Vocabulary learning

Updated: Mar 10, 2020

Struggling with Latin Vocabulary learning?

Pupils at Minerva Tuition are busy learning vocabulary for the forthcoming UK entry exams & GCSE.

Here are our top tips for mastering this difficult task.


1. Learn by word types (nouns / verbs / adjectives / other).


2. Set a target: learn 5 words each day


3. Learn words in the morning and review at night. 4. Use hard copy. Do not sit and stare at a screen. 5. Create flash cards: there is a proven link between writing by hand & ease of recall. 6. Say the words out loud. 7. Dictate them into your phone and play them back later. 8. Ask someone to test you.


9. Make use of ‘lost’ time. Recite the wordswhile you are ‘on the move’ – between lessons, on the bus, or walking the dog!


10. Little and Often

If you would like further help with this or any other of your academic subjects, please see our contact page:

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