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Happy August!

Many schools are now on their long break but students and teachers at Minerva Tuition are still busily at work. It is a great time to revise an area which perhaps you feel you did not fully master during the last academic year.  In addition, away from the pressure of school, there is an excellent opportunity to study in depth a new topic or subject area. One of our History tutors has thoroughly enjoyed introducing a student to Norman and Plantagenet English History, ready for the pupil's start at Eton in the UK in September. 

The holidays are an excellent time to get ahead

As far as our tutors are concerned, the summer weeks bring welcome time for them to read around their subjects and “be across” the new UK curricular changes & marking guidance, so they can start the new academic year ahead of the field.

Happy August to you all from Minerva Tuition.

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