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The importance of independent thinking in the UK curriculum

Children learn the basics of behaviour, rules and respect in the classroom. For centuries, class room teaching has provided pupils with information to learn. Yet, 21st century careers will require skills of analysis, creativity and individuality that are less successfully taught in large group situations. Although economic realities dictate that much education is delivered to relatively large groups, such teaching tends to encourage pupils to conform to norms and accept established ideas. Across all subjects, pupils benefit from individual tuition where tutors allow pupils to develop original ideas and to challenge established orthodoxies. In many subjects, the higher order marks, and subsequently the top grades, are awarded to pupils who successfully evaluate both the evidence and the theory. Pupils transitioning to independent schools in the United Kingdom soon learn that small class sizes primarily exist to facilitate independent thinking. Transferring from other educational systems pupils are sometimes surprised by the differences in educational methods and objectives. Not only are they asked to provide an answer but also to evaluate the reliability of the methods used to produce that answer. Individual one-to-one tuition, where pupils develop their ability to both ask and answer questions provides valuable experience as pupils progress to the next stage of their education. For further information about how Minerva Tuition can help your child, please contact Valerie Weston on: Email: Phone: +852 6156 5705. We would be delighted to hear from you.

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